Insurance Solutions

Our insurance solutions cover the breadth of general insurance, including health (medical) and takaful. Designed by a team with deep industry knowledge and technology expertise, our insurance solutions will comfortably cater to your business requirements. Add to this, the strength of existing successful implementations in Middle East, South Asia, Saudi Arabia and Africa, our teams, including actuaries, are highly trained and well versed with insurance best practices to advise on business process and strategy.

Pervasive Channels


Bancassurance, as a channel for the insurance industry, is responsible for driving significant growth.

smartphoenThe application interacts with the insurance solutions, facilitating sales via telephone while

maintaining data integrity on the core systems

tabletpresently in beta testing;

our break through tablet application will be running on Android exposing a new market for insurance providers

hhda perfect blending of traditional business development with emerging mobile insurance trends to enable business activity from the remote locations
smsLeveraging web technology, the solution can be adapted to your

agencies, customers or channel partners to offer them real-time insight

Our insurance solutions offer unparalleled R&D, expertise and business consulting

Centegy Insurance Team


Ascent Health Insurance

HIS (Health Insurance Solution) boosts the overall performance of your business by providing customer-centric operations which improves overall productivity and enables strategic decision-making.

The solution can consolidate enormous amounts of data, reducing operational costs and ensuring lesser down time.

Key features:

  • New Business quoting
  • Transaction Routing
  • Re-insurance and Treaty arrangements
  • Claim intimation, revision and settlement processing


Ascent General Insurance

Our General Insurance System (GIS) is a complete solution for policy administration and management across all categories of general insurance including fire, motor, marine and miscellaneous equipment. GIS enables you to eliminate data redundancy, expedite processing, accelerate product development & deployment, analyze risk and supports real-time collaboration.

GIS can be accessed through your company’s intranet or over the internet and is designed for usability across both platforms.


LIA insurance


EFU Life

Muller & phips

Alimna Tokio


State Life

Arab Orient


Adamjee Life

Noor Takaful






Al Mashrek