Omer Morshed

Chief Executive Officer

Omer Morshed is one of the founder members of Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates. He is an Actuary, Chartered Accountant and an insurance professional with over 35 years of consulting experience.

Omer Morshed is also a Fellow of the UK institute of Actuaries and an Associate of ICAEW.

Arshad Hussain

Chief Technology Officer

Arshad Hussain is one of the three founders of Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates. He is the present CTO of Centegy Technologies with over 25 years of development experience and business knowledge.

Arshad Hussain has managed and supervised over 100 developers over the years and has released multiple solutions during his time at SHMA and Centegy Technologies.

Imran Ali

Chief Operating Officer

Imran Ali is the current COO of Centegy Technologies. Previously, he was responsible for leading the Business Development, implementation and support practices within the Life Insurance & Family Takaful solutions division.

Imran has over 13 years of experience in management consulting, having previously worked with CapGemini, Ernst & Young and Motorola across USA, UK, India and Pakistan. Imran has an MBA from London Business School.

Farrukh Abbas

Director – Strategic Investments

Farrukh Abbas has over 23 years of experience with multinationals and private equity, encompassing areas of strategy, turnarounds, business development, distribution networks, and brand building, primarily in Middle East, Asia Pacific and West Asia region.

He has worked for 7 years with The Coca Cola Company in local and international roles and over 10 years with Unilever and ICI in sales and marketing roles.

Taufiq Ahmad

Executive Senior Manager

Taufiq Ahmad joined Sidat Hyder(now Centegy Technologies) May 1994 as a System Analyst. This makes him one of the most well experienced professionals in the organization with unmatchable business knowledge on all quarters.

Taufiq Ahmad currently leads the Global Banking Business Development at Centegy Technologies.


Executive Senior Manager

Nizamuddin holds several years of experience with Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates(now Centegy Technologies). He joined the company in October 1989 and since then has spearheaded the entire business portfolio of the Retail Business solutions.

Nizamuddin presently leads the Product Development for Global Retail Solutions at Centegy.

Arshad Khan

Executive Senior Manager

Arshad Khan co-leads the implementation and is responsible for the development team within the Life Insurance & Family Takaful solution segments.

Arshad is one of the original architects of the Insurance solution suite with over 22 years of association with Centegy Technologies. Arshad holds a Masters in Statistics with a Diploma in Computer Science.